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Intelligent Guests with Informative Insight

Moe features some the most authoritative experts in the fields of personal finance, economics, business, government and public policy. Some of his more notable guests:

David Blitzer—Chairman of the S&P Dow Jones Indices Committee
Christopher Cox—Former Securities & Exchange Commission Chairman
Dr. Thomas Hoenig—President of the Kansas City Federal Reserve
Mr. Austan Goolsbee—Chair of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors
Ms. Hilda Solis—U.S. Secretary of Labor
Dr. Milton Friedman—World Renowned Economist
Prof. Jeremy Siegel—Professor of finance, Wharton Business School
Mr. John Bogle—Founder of The Vanguard Group
Steve Forbes—President & CEO of Forbes, Inc.
Sen. Jon Kyl (R, AZ)—Senate Judiciary Committee
Prof. Alan Blinder—Fmr Fed Governor, Prof of Economics at Princeton Univ.
Mr. Mark Hulbert—Editor of Hulbert Financial Digest
Ms. Karen Mills—Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration
Nouriel Roubini—Chairman of Roubini Global Economics
Rep. JD Hayworth (R, AZ)—Fmr House Ways and Means Committee member
Dr. Alice Rivlin—Fmr Fed Vice Chair, Founding Director of the Congressional Budget Office
Mr. Carlos Gutierrez—Fmr U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D, CA)—House Armed Services Committee
Mr. Robert Reich—Economist, and former U.S. Secretary of Labor
Dr. Susan Phillips—Fmr Fed Gov., Dean of GWU School of Business
Mr. Alan Murray—Deputy Managing Editor for the Wall Street Journal
Mr. Douglas Holtz-Eakin—Former Director of Congressional Budget Office

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Dr. John Rutledge—Principal Architect of “Reaganomics”
Sen. Michael Crapo (R, ID)—Senate Budget Committee
Mr. Phil Gordon—Mayor of Phoenix
Dr. John Taylor—Editor of the “Taylor Rule” and Economics Prof at Stanford University
Dr. Tom Campbell—Fmr. Dir of Finance, State of California
Mr. Gene Sperling—Council on Foreign Relations
Mr. Gary Kaminsky—Co-host of CNBC TV’s “The Strategy Session”
Dr. Robert Prechter—President, Elliott Wave International
Mr.Sam Stovall—Sr. Investment Strategist, Standard & Poors
Mark Gilbert—London Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News
Rep. Ed Royce (R, CA)—Financial Services Committee
Maria Bartiromo—Host of CNBC TV’s “Closing Bell”
Mr. John Brynjolfsson—Managing Director at PIMCO
Dr. Jeffrey Frankel—Prof. capital formation at Harvard Business School
Dr. Joseph Stiglitz—World Renowned Economist, Nobel Laureate
Mr. Walter Updegrave—Sr. Editor of Money Magazine and CNN/Money
Ms. Christine Benz—Mutual Fund Editor, Morningstar
Ms. Pamela and Ms. Mary Anne Aden—”The Aden Forecast”
Mr. Jim Gillespie—CEO, Coldwell Banker

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